KEMI – Chemical PTFE hose



chemical ptfe hoseCONSTRUCTION

KEMIFLEX is an inner tube of helically convoluted P.T.F.E. with an outer cover of 304 stainless steel braid, giving good flexibility and kink resistance and is manufactured from top quality (Polytetraflu oroethylene) P.T.F.E. resin, giving a translucent appearance.

KEMIFLEX can be fitted with crimped fittings for high pressures or with cuffed ends for low-pressure applications. If required, the P.T.F.E. innercore can be extended through the fitting and fleared as shown. This will protect the fitting from internal corrosion.

The design also eliminates potential entrapment areas and promotes smooth flow of materials through this area. Rounded convolutions and the non-stick property of P.T.F.E. coupled with a smooth uninterrupted flow through the fitting make the hose selfcleaning and prevent bacteria traps.
An antistatic version is available (KEMIFLEX C). Other material for braiding are available on request like S.S. 316,polyester etc. For applications with full vacuum a special version with reinforcement spring on the external convoluted tube is available.(KEMIFLEX SP).chemical ptfe hose


KEMIFLEX is widely used in the food, dairy, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The P.T.F.E. tube, being convoluted, gives the hose an extremely tight bend radius as well as being resistant to steam and virtually all chemicals and solvents used in the industries mentioned.
Due to the inherent qualities of P.T.F.E., and the manner of construction.





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