CLW – Convoluted PTFE hoses and tubes



Convoluted PTFE hoses and tubesProduced with PTFE resins characterized by low microporosity and high tensile strength, the PTFE convoluted tube and hoses of UNIGASKET are the right answer for the transport of gas, fluids and chemicals where the bending radius request a high flexibility together with a low permeability.
The helicoidal profile has been studied to avoid blockages of the passing fluids and their consequent solidification and it makes them easily washable and sterilizable. We have available special PTFE resins approved by FDA and DVGW that allow to our PTFE convoluted tube to be used with foods and beverage.We have also tested our hoses according to EC 2002/72 and DM 174/2004 that have confirmed the possibility to use our hoses in contact with water, food and beveragecontact application of our tubes with food and water.
The wide range of temperatures (from -70°C to 260°C) reachable by our PTFE convoluted tube allow them to be the right solution for many industrial and technical processes. The aggressiveness of the new petrols makes them the obliged choice for the car, motorcycle and shipyard industries. In the shipyard our products are approved to be used in ships and boats.

In rail field brake systems have been approved.

Convoluted PTFE hoses and tubes


  • Plastic moulding presses
  • Collant lines for canning machines
  • Collant lines for gas and chlorine cilinders
  • Collant lines for ink and coatings
  • Transport of corrosive chemical, food and pharmaceutical products
  • Compressors discharge line
  • Cable sheating for electrical line
  • Transport of air, oil and petrol in the car motorcycle and shipyard fields.
  • Air brakes for Buses, Trucks and Trains


  • Extreme flexibility
  • High resistance to the aging
  • Low maintenance
  • Chemical inertness



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