Thinwall extruded tubes in PTFE -TWT



thinwall extruded tubes in ptfeSpecial extrusion machine allow Unigasket to face the important market of the thin wall PTFE tube. The hight tensile resistance and the high resistance to the temperatures (till 260°C), together with the electrical insulation capacity, give the possibility to our tubes to be used in different applications. The PTFE tube are produced according to high quality standards as BS EN ISO 13000-1:2005. We extrude PTFE tube from inside diameter 1 mm. to 100 mm. They are used mainly to produce flexible hoses, conveying corrosive fluids or steam, push pull cables and important applications in food field.We have available special PTFE powders approved by FDA, DVGW, BFR and KTW that allow to our hoses to be thinwall extruded tubes in ptfeused with foods and drinks. We have also tested our hoses according to EC 2002/72 and DM 174/2004 that have confirmed the possibility to use our hoses in contact with water, food and beverage.


  • Conveying impressures and temperatures fluids
  • Conveying corrosive fluids
  • Conveying steam
  • Push pull cables


  • Good flexibility
  • High resistance to the aging
  • Chemical intertness
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent temperature resistance


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