Cryogenic Hose



cryogenic hoseThe use of the PTFE flexible hoses braided INOX STEEL AISI 304 is always more requested for the transport of the cryogenic gas at high pressures. For these applications is essential that the PTFE hoses not only resist to extreme temperatures and pressures, but also that they have a very good resistance to the permeation.

Unigasket to this aim has developed a special manufacture proceeding that guarantee to its hoses the maximun resistance to the permeation. The exercise temperatures are between -70°C + 260°C and the burst pressures are guaranteed till 1000 bar according to the different diameters. Considering the high exercise pressures, to avoid possible accidents to the users, we recommend to provide the hoses with the safety inox steel cable.

In the construction of the fittings for the assembling of PTFE hoses for cryogenic gas is essential the use of antispark materials.cryogenic hose
Thanks to its own experience Unigasket has found the best inox steels (without carbon) for such application and has realized a complete range of fittings (we have available the drawings with the relative dimensions) that allow us to supply with our PTFE hoses the main producers of cryogenic gas, duly degreased and ready for use.


cryogenic hose