Double braid PTFE hose: FHL – FHM – FHM DC



Double braid PTFE hose: FHL - FHM - FHM DCProduced with PTFE resins with high tensile strength and braided with S.S.AISI 304 the Unigasket’s PTFE hose are the right solution for the transport of steam, gas, fluids and chemical agents for high temperature and pressions.

The wide range of temperatures reachable (from -70°C to +260°C) by our hoses allow them to be the right solution for many technical problem in any industrial field. We have available special PTFE powders approved by FDA (CFR 571-106/CFR 21 parts 70 to 199), DVGW, BFR and KTW that allow to our hoses to be used with foods and drinks.We have also tested our hoses EC 2002/72 and DM 174/2004 that have confirmed the possibility to use our hoses in contact with water, food and beverage.Double braid PTFE hose: FHL - FHM - FHM DC

The absence of peroxides that are usually present in the rubber hoses, makes our articles the only one choice in the car and nautical industry, specially due to the new unlead gasoline. Their high resistance to the brake oils makes them the forced choice in the motorcycle and racing field for brake system.
We have realized our flexible PTFE hoses in three types: FHL – FHM – FHMDC to satisfy any requirements and request for technologic performances. The type FHL is the most used for general purpose, the type FHM is mainly for the car, motorcycles field and for intense thermal cycling.


  • Extreme flexibility
  • High resistance to the aging
  • Low maintenance
  • Chemical inertness


  • Steam for ironing and cleaning
  • Plastic moulding presses
  • Transport of corrosive chemical, food and pharmaceutical products
  • Compressors discharge line
  • Transport of air, oil and petrol in the car motorcycle, shipyard and railway fields.
  • Air conditioning plants
  • Automatic painting plants

P.T.F.E. synterized resin smooth bore tube; the particular structure of the PTFE assures high permeability values and a high mechanical stress resistance.
It has dielectricals and fire resistance properties.


  • STD: one stainless steel braid AISI 304
  • Special: one or more braids made by TERILENE®, NOMEX®, FIBER GLASS, AISI 316.
  • 2 braids INOX 304 (only for FHM version)


-70°C +260 °C



Double braid PTFE hose: FHL - FHM - FHM DC