Spiral PTFE hose



tubo spiralato PTFE

Spiralsmooth is the new PTFE AISI 304 braided tube smooth inside with stainless steel spiral which allows better flexibility.

PTFE hose with spiral is the perfect solution for application where maximum smoothness is required in order to avoid that residues remain in the lows of the convolutions in CLW and CLWB hoses. Itv is suitable in the food, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Ultra hygietubo spiralato PTFEnic non-convoluted PTFE liner with stainless steel helix and 304 high tensile stainless steel braid.The hose has exceptionally good resistance properties for extreme performance.


  • Food
  • Bio
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industry

-70°C/+ 260°C



tubo spiralato