RINFORSIL: braided silicone hose



braided silicone hoseRinforsil is a platinum cured silicone tubing, open mesh polyester braided and reinforced, and then coextruded with a silicone layer.

This special construction of our braided silicone hose enable it to resist to high pressure applications not reachable from our traditional UNISIL silicone tubings.

RINFORSIL offer outstanding resistance to high temperatures as well and is produced with a PLATINUM CURED SILICONE FDA approved materials.braided silicone hose

The construction of RINFORSIL allow also tight bend radius maintaining an high flow of the fluids. It is also resistant to UV and to ozone for long time periods. It is important to use fittings and clams without sharp ends that can tear the silicone wall and cause failure at high pressure


braided silicone hose