TPM2 – Hose with steel braid



tubi tpm2 treccia metallica

TPM2 Same as TPM1 with double high tensile steel braid.

All this series are also available in twin version and, on request, multiple versions, with the same technical features as the single version.

UTILIZATION TEMPERATUREtubi tpm2 treccia metallica

From -40°C to +100°C  Max. working temperature of air, water and fluids containing water: +65°C.


As prescribed by SAE standards safety ratio 1 : 4


Internal core in thermoplastic polyester, reimforcementi with a high tensile steel braid, exterior covering in polyurethane; on request it is also available micro perforated for the passage of air and compatible gases.




hose with steel braid tpm2