PA6.10 – Polyamide



Polyamide is one of the most common materials used for technical applications for its flexibility and mechanical properties.tubo poliammide pa6.10


The PA6.10 tube has high mechanical properties, good heat resistance, low water absorption, resistance to hydrocarbons and oils and excellent inactivity to the chemical agents.


The PA6.10 tube is particularly indicated for all applications where a high mechanical performance is necessary to traction and to continuous or alternate flexion, as robotic, penumatic, tools, industrial machineries, etc. or when there is the necessity of high flexibility, especially in cool applications.


-40°C + 130°C


Up to external diameter 10mm, rolls of mt 100. From higher external diameter, rolls of 50mt. Possibility of rolls of 25mt and 50mt on request.

Available on different colours: blue, black, red, yellow, orange and green.

tubi in poliammide


polyamide pa6.10 tubes